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Our children are divided into three sections, according to their age:

The Small Section (Les Petits/nursery): Ages 2½ to 4

We understand that the first initiation of a toddler to a school setting can be a sensitive adjustment to make for both the child and the family. In order to facilitate this transition, we tailor our educational approach to the pace and learning rhythm of each individual child. The adaptation period has usually been completed by the end of the first term at school. In addition to parent-teacher meetings, our teachers are of course always happy to discuss progress and concerns with parents  in person or over the phone.

During their time in the Small Section, our children become immersed in a group setting and begin to engage in activities that require cooperation with others. We focus on the development of autonomy and taking initiative within a safe space, the development of gross and fine motor skills through diverse activities and entertaining games, and the discovery of the environment through experiential learning.      

The Middle Section (Les Moyens/reception): Ages 4 to 5

In the Middle Section, we build on and refine the skills acquired in the Small Section. Our children are initiated to writing and basic geometry (shapes, sizes), have learned to interact and play with their peers, and respond to tasks and instruction. At this stage, we introduce additional stimuli and learning experiences, which the children are able to engage with and adapt to smoothly. Daily sessions in English (games, role-playing, sing-song) are introduced with the help our qualified and experienced English teacher, as well as weekly music and movement activities with our music teacher. 

The Big Section (Les Grands/kindergarten): Ages 5 to 6

By their time of entry into the Big Section, our children have become well-rounded little pupils. At this stage, the children learn to recognise commonly-used words and to write in both French and Greek. Activities in English continue on a daily basis, and music sessions continue on a weekly basis. The children of the Big Section also participate in weekly Yoga workshops with a trained professional for the improvement of balance and to learn about the correlation between body and mind.

These are just a few of our activities, and we are happy to provide further information to parents in English over the phone or by scheduled appointment.