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The enrolment process for the coming school year begins in January.

The enrolment process remains open until each class is filled to capacity (we maintain a policy for small-group classes). It is also not uncommon for children to begin their schooling with us in the duration of the year (this is often the case with children who have not yet reached the age of 2½ by September, or with children whose families have moved to Athens after the beginning of the school year).

Parents are asked to provide the following documents for the enrolment:

  • An enrolment form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian. You can download the form using the following link: Enrolment form 2018-19
  • A birth certificate or photocopy of the child’s passport
  • A certificate from a paediatrician confirming that the child is in good health and is able to attend school 
  • A copy of the child’s vaccination certificates

*These documents can be submitted in person at the school, or can alternatively be sent as attachments via email (scanned or using electronic signatures) to: opetibon@gmail.com.