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At Au Petit Bonheur, we believe that children learn through doing; for this reason, our programme is structured to offer our children life learning experiences. 

Our activities are thoughtfully designed to combine play and arts and crafts with the practice of logic and the development of critical thinking. In this way, experiential learning and skill development become fun!

The children learn to work together with their peers and teachers and in doing so, they learn to help out one another and develop social skills.

We guide the natural curiosity of the children through experiential and sensorial encounters, and transform each experience into a valuable learning experience.

Throughout the course of the school year, we organise school trips whose destinations correspond to the themes that we are working on in class. In this way, the children learn to draw connections between what they learn in the classroom and their personal experiences, and additionally develop an awareness of the importance and applications of their skills and learning.


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