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General Health and Safety

Our establishments are regularly treated for pest control, and the toilets are cleaned throughout the day and disinfected at the end of each day.

Our pediatrician visits the school on a monthly basis. In the case that a child may show symptoms of illness, he/she is isolated in the sick bay and the parents are contacted immediately. In the case of a contagious illness, all of the parents are notified at once.

During playtime the children are constantly under adult supervision.


All of our children are covered by the school insurance policy with Ethniki Asfalistiki while under our care. We nevertheless recommend that the parents secure additional coverage for their children.

We collaborate with a child psychologist as well as a speech therapist.

Parent-Teacher Meetings: 

In October, there is an initial group meeting of all the parents with the teacher. Individual parent-teacher meetings will take place in November and March to discuss progress.

Parents should also feel free to request a meeting with the teacher at any time outside this schedule.


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