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Our top priority is to equip our children with the necessary tools for personal and social development. Within a stimulating and safe environment, our young pupils are able to discover their surroundings through fun learning experiences!  


Our programme and activities include:
  • The development of autonomy, learning to take responsibility and initiative, and learning the rules of social behaviour in group settings
  • Discovery of, respect for, and the importance of protecting the environment
  • Greek, French and English language learning (educational games, poems, songs, stories)
  • Preparation to reading, writing, math logic and basic geometry in line with the latest educational methods
  • Introduction to using computers
  • Psychomotor activities, physical expression, drama, discovery of the diversity of rhythm and music
  • Yoga
  • Arts and crafts
  • School trips that relate to the themes we are working on
  • Visits by professionals and artists to contribute to the discovery of their surroundings and culture (musicians, theatre troupes, jugglers, puppeteers, etc.)



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