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Founded in 1992, Au Petit Bonheur (Little Serendipity) offers specialised and personalised teaching within a warm and stimulating environment. Each year we admit children aged 2½ to 6 coming from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds (France, Greece, the UK, China, Sweden and Egypt, to name only some).

Our kindergarten programme is structured is such a way as to enable the experiential learning of Greek and French on a day-to-day basis, through a range of activities and through play. From the Middle Section onwards (ages 4-6) our schedule introduces daily activities in English, offering the children trilingual exposure from a young age (they will learn French, Greek and English from scratch, or will build on their existing knowledge of the languages).

All of our teachers are highly qualified native speakers, and teach and speak to the children in their mother tongue throughout the day. This consistency ensures the parallel, yet separate development of the languages, which the children are able to pick up effortlessly and swiftly at this young age regardless of prior knowledge.

We consider the development of autonomy, a sense of responsibility and socialisation skills to be crucial aspects of pre-school education, and ensure that our daily activities offer multilateral learning opportunities. At Au Petit Bonheur, our children learn to channel their creativity, they develop their fine motor skills, discover and experience their surroundings, and most importantly, they learn to enjoy school. By the end of their time with us, the children have been initiated to reading, writing, maths and basic geometrical concepts, which we teach in keeping to the latest pedagogical methods and through play.

By their time of graduation from the kindergarten, the children are fully prepared for entry into French, Greek or international (English-speaking) primary schools.   

The school operates under the regulations of the Greek Ministry of Education, and works in collaboration with the Eugène Delacroix Franco-Hellenic School of Athens and with the French National Agency for the Promotion of the French Language Abroad (AEFE).